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The surviving intelligent life form on Earth is not going to be carbon-based


it's going to be


Paul MacCready


Customers expect to be interacted with on their terms at their convenience

Rule 2

Artificial intelligence empowers predictive marketing


consistent contextual communication builds brand loyalty

the new rules of DIGITAL marketing

Marketing Rules
About Me


I'm Christopher Carswell - a tech junkie with a passion for online technologies. Having over a decade of experience in online marketing, I love designing and implementing transformative solutions for my clients. 


  • Digital Transformation

  • Solution Architecture

  • Project Management

  • Campaign Management

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integrations:

  • Salesforce CRM

  • DellBoomi

  • Google Analytics 4

  • Google Analytics 360

  • Microsoft CRM

  • Custom API (REST/SOAP)


Custom Development:

  • Serverside Javascript

    • Consent Management​

    • CloudPages

    • Script Activities

  • SQL

  • AMPscript

  • Front End Development



Customer Journey Consulting


The online marketing world is complex, and you need to start somewhere - the question is: where?

The Age of the Customer has arrived.  Our customers expect to be communicated with on their terms, at their convenience.

I will help you uncover your brand's answer to these questions:

  • What channel do my customers expect to communication with my brand?

  • Which tools should I use to send out my communications?

  • How do I track success in my industry?

  • What are my customer journeys?

  • How often should I be communication with my customers?

Whether you're planning on sending mail, SMSs, push notifications or online ads, I will help you achieve your marketing goals.

Solutions Consulting & Architecture

Do you need some marketing automation done in Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

How about some consulting on integration options between your  home grown systems? 


With over a decade of experience, I'll help you architect your solution for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Custom Profile Center Development

Do you need a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Custom Profile Center designed, coded, tested and delivered within two weeks?  

You provide the HTML, and I will deliver your custom profile center to you fully configured for you to implement into either CloudPages or Landing Page in your Business Unit.

Custom Scripting

I will assist you with scripting fully compatible with Salesforce Marketing Cloud:

  • AMPScript

  • SQL

  • Serverside Javascript

  • HTML/CSS/JS/jQuery

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