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The Unseen

The unseen.

The heard and the unheard.

We communicate in ways not fully understood.

We live in sync with those around us, socially understanding various aspects of rules without knowing why. It starts when we're babies, of course, we learn from our gods: Mommy and Daddy. We observe their actions and implement it deeply in our minds, our spirits. Learning all we need for our Journey ahead.

Communication between souls is never easily defined. How do we know, that the one we just met is somehow good for us? Is it the smile, the scent, the look, our positions in time and space? Is it a combination of all these details that define the fate of souls? The way that we meet those dear to us at times we need to meet them. The way that others are drawn to us without us even knowing. We just go on, about our lives, and those that need to be in our lives, just tend to appear. They appear, but we have deliberately forgotten what the purpose of the meeting was supposed to be. We show up on this world without an agenda. We must figure it out as we go. There’s no guidebook, no rules and no limits. Life is the ultimate game.

Currently I'm undergoing a period of isolation. I haven't met any new soul friends in a long time. I don’t feel my soul family nearby, here in Auckland. Those that have a piece of my puzzle aren't finding me. This blog serves to fix that up, in any way. I realise that nobody will really be reading this blog, but just the fact of my communication: putting these words onto this paper screen will attract those that need to know me with every keystroke. This is the power of the law of intent, otherwise known as universal magic - like attracts like.

Your vibe attracts your tribe.

Keeping our vibrational purity at its highest will bring those that are alike into our sphere of life. We are not all sensitive enough to detect others from afar, and this is not easy to deal with if you happen to have this ability, but let our guides connect. Let those among us in the spirit realm which are here to guide and support us find those in the physical realm to guide and support us. This requires proximity for guides to connect: find yourself where the greatest number of likely strong souls congregate. Be present. Engage and love all around you. Show your colours, and do not be cowed by social pressure. Conformity might be safe to some, but revolutions never arise from conformity.

We need a spiritual revolution, direly. We need those that are brave enough to step forward into the Light. Be visible. Wear your crystals proudly. Show your passion for spirituality and growth. Ignore fashion if it distracts you. Those that have come before are ready to guide you, if you are willing. They also need re-assurances; the age of Aquarius has taken strange turns. Teachers, doctors, communicators, healers and artists are here to help you, do not be afraid to seek them out. These are what the world needs to turn the tide of centuries of need. It might not be easy to change the mind of the powerful, but we can subvert where the money flows. We, the people, are the products being sold. Our lives are on sale to the highest bidder, our info, our identities. They call us personas.

If we are simply consumers, then we have the ultimate responsibility in what we consume. We get to choose where our power lies by how, what and when we consume. We have moved past simple survival of the species. Even past survival of ourselves, and our families. We have the technology, but we are destroying that which has borne us.

Let this spiritual communication be the way in which we convey our deepest universal desires: to live, to love, to breathe fresh air and to create a natural beautiful world for everyone to share. These desires haven’t changed.

We must now open our hearts, we already have enough.

It's time to own ourselves, our bodies and our futures on this planet. It’s who we were made to be.

To show up for ourselves in ways that prove our humanity. To deliver life and passion into a quickly dying world.

Show your true colours.

Love surrounds you.


There are three things that cannot be hidden for long:

The sun,

The moon,

The truth


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